28 Jun 2017

Recommendations on PMPRB Regulations June 28, 2017

Our health care system is complex; no one would argue to the contrary. There are many key decision makers at either federal, national or provincial levels that are responsible for the health care services Canadians receive from coast to coast to coast. Health Canada holds different responsibilities influencing the landscape of our health care system, including drug safety, quality and effectiveness. In addition, they play an important role with respect to drug pricing.

We, as patient organizations, recognize the regulations overseeing drug pricing need to be reevaluated, especially given the changes in our ecosystems since the inception of these regulations. Moving forward, changes are necessary to ensure Canadians get the best possible and timely access to health care resources while ensuring sustainability of our health care system for generations to come. We know the people who work at Health Canada also have the same vision.

We are grateful to all those involved in seeking the input of groups like ours and other stakeholders on protecting Canadians from excessive drug prices through the consultation on the proposed amendments to the patented medicines regulations. We believe our health care system must prepare for a significant paradigm shift and welcome opportunities to share our thoughts on what needs to be done by collaborating with all stakeholders involved in making our health care system the best it can be.

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