Health Policy

The Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare (the Council), announced in Budget 2018, is leading a national dialogue on how to implement affordable national pharmacare for Canadians and their families, employers and governments.

In March 2019, the Council provided an interim report to the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance on the progress of their work.

Link to interim report Health Canada

The PMPRB is consulting with its stakeholders on changes to its non-binding guidelines (the “Guidelines”), as contemplated by subsection 96(4) of the Patent Act. The purpose of these changes is to modernize the PMPRB’s approach to carrying out its mandate to protect Canadian consumers from excessive patented drug prices.

Full details and reports on the PMPRB website

Reducing Inefficiency, Improving outcomes.

Report January 2017

Laying The System for Healthcare Transformation

Insight Report April 2017

Speech from Health Canada: Affordability, accessibility & appropriate use of prescription drugs
Remarks May 16, 2017